Stay Alive for LC201 or LC203 8 pin Decoders

here at DMG we are  modellers often ask about stay alive capacitors, what is the mystery and why are they so expensive? Well the answer is some manufacturers like to keep you locked to the products they supply DMG Electech does not do that.

DMG Electech we look at actual problems encountered by modellers and try to provide simple solutions so our 8 pin and wired decoders are fitted with 2 solder pads to add capacitors these capacitors have no secrets or have to be super caps just simple electrolytic capacitors of at least 35v rating with values above 220uf

These are not expensive items but start from about £0.90p yes they do need some soldering skills to fit and may even be larger than the so called super caps but as normal we leave the choice to you the modeller.

We believe this makes our decoders great value for money and with a 3 year warranty take a look at the diagram below for more detailed wiring information.

Click here for the recommended capacitors 




Stay Alive
stay alive diagram