Twin Globe Ornamental Street Lights


Twin globe ornamental street lights Pack of 3

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Twin globe ornamental street lights. The detail of these new streetlamps needs to be seen to be realised slightly more expensive than our other streetlights due to the hand finished detail is remarkable.

The twin Globe ornamental design was found in several locations within the UK.

Supplied in Packs of 3 with the Electech 3 year warranty.*

These  1/87 scale units are for HO but equally suitable for OO scales.

Unlike many suppliers units these are scale lighting units have a 30ma current requirement and provide a very realistic light (without the resistors they operate at 3v) They are supplied with resistors for 12-14 v operation so the modeller can vary the light output if required.

Part of a complete new lighting range from DMG Electech from the 1800s to modern image click here.