Old time outside wall lights


Old Time Wall Lights


These old time outside wall lights are perfect replicas of those used in old towns and city’s are precision manufactured working Lamps with light colour typical of the type used on buildings and even some station areas. The  wall Lights  Supplied in packs of 5. These lights require a very small hole in the  building or wall of approx. 1mm. They are supplied with resistors for 12v to 16v operation and other values are available to allow differing light values.  Supplied in Packs of 5 with the Electech  3 year warranty.*

They are 1/87 scale for HO / OO use. or  1/160 scale for N gauge  TT120 are coming soon

Part of a complete new lighting range from DMG Electech from the 1800s to modern day. These old time wall lights are at home as decorative lighting in any garden.

Unlike many suppliers units these are scale lamps they require  a 30ma current requirement.  The LED fitted provides a very realistic light without the resistors they operate at 3v. Why not  use our new LED power distribution Board

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Scale / Gauge

OO/HO, N Gauge