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Mini Marking set

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Mini Wood working Set  a set of five miniature woodworking tools perfect for the Model kit builder, crafters and hobbyist’s. 5 quality pieces for measuring and setting out on smaller items and materials. All can be stored in the convenient storage bag included. The marking squares are 100mm long, while the gauge is 130mm long with a measuring length 100mm. The Mini wood working set can of course be used on plastics, wood or almost any material that requires marking.

  • Miniature marking gauge made from hardwood with brass screw and single marking pin.
  • Miniature Mitre Square manufactured from hardwood, two brass faces, and blue steel blade.
  • Miniature Dovetail Square made from hardwood, brass face, and blue steel. The blade is held securely in place with three rivets.
  • Miniature-sliding bevel with polished hardwood stock and brass end.
  • Miniature try square with brass face and polished hardwood stock, blade is held securely in place with three rivets.

This set is an ideal starter set for any Modeller for more of our range of tools look here