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A range of oil and lubricators including  general purpose and  precision lubricator.   These lubricators delivers oil exactly where it is needed. The oil is delivered with pinpoint accuracy and ease. Ideal for all model railway oiling tasks. The lubricators can also be used for many other oiling tasks around the house.

Lubrication of miniature models is critical for smooth running.  This range of  tools enable the modeller to control the position and quantity of oil applied with ease. The range of lubricators and oils from DMG Electech makes the task easy.


Precision Engineering oil 

• Contains 7.5cc / 1/4 oz of oil
• General purpose lubricating oil
• Lightweight easy to use
• Ideal for delicate, precision work
• Delivers small drops of oil as required

Superfine Oiler With Teflon Particles
  • Teflon allows oil to flow easily into awkward parts
  • Clean tip system with non-drip valve
  • Pinpoint lubrication of fishing reels, bearings, bikes & mechanical parts
Electrical Contact Oil
  •  Specifically for electrical contacts
  • Contains Additional electro contact oil For cleaning & protecting electrical contacts from corrosion.
Transmission Oil Lubricator
  • It contains 7.5cc / 1/4 oz of oil
    • Ideal for transmissions, mechanical parts etc.
    • Specially for use on Radio Control models
    • Pinpoint lubrication with a needle applicator


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Precision Engineering Oil, Superfine oiler with Teflon, Electrical Contact oil, Red Transmission oil