Epoxy Adhesive


2 part Epoxy


Epoxy resin 2 pack adhesive supplied in Dual Cylinder  28ml syringes. Available in 2 Types super clear and standard.

The standard type cures in 30 mins and dries to a cloudy finish ideal for loco body repair or assembly of items that will be painted. the clear version dries in 5 minutes to a crystal clear finish.

  • Extra Strong industrial structural adhesive ideal for general  modelling and repairs.  These are high quality premium products.
  • Cure time 5 or 30 mins.
  • Suitable for bonding aluminium, steel, galvanised iron, plastic ceramic, glass and many more.
  • min/max temperature: -40°c  – +121°c.
  • Shear strength (steel): 3.8N/mm².
  • 28ml syringe.
  • Made in the UK.

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Standard 30 Min, Clear 5 Min