Dual Function Controller DC and DCC LD101 by ANE-MODEL


LD101 ANE-MODEL Dual Controller

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This controller is truly Dual function as it switches from DC to DCC at the press of a button.

Manufactured by ANE_MODEL and presented by Electech now over 500 units sold in the UK.

Dual function!  For DC Operation just select direction and turn the dial to control your DC loco or isolate your DC loco and select DCC.
Select DCC and control your decoder fitted locos. It also supports loco consists, Accessory Decoder functions and much more the controller has 28 Digital function.
The Ideal Dual function DCC controller for the hobbyist who wants to venture into DCC Control gradually on the layout or the test bench.  For clubs that want the analogue and digital  members locomotives on the track.
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Set includes  Mains transformer, Main Control Box x 1, Handheld Controller,  all cables and User Manual.  A 3 Year warranty supported by DMG Electech .

Ideal for use with our range of Decoders  8 pin  and 21 pin

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