8 Amp DCC Power Booster


8 A  Power Booster DCC

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Our 8 Amp DCC power booster has been designed specifically to provide the DCC modeller with the power needed for modern accessories and locomotives of larger gauges. for the larger layouts it can be used in multiples to generate power zones.  it includes the following features:

  • Fully NMRA compatible
  • Short circuit protected
  • Genuine 8 amp power output ( 10 Peak)
  • compatible with most DCC systems (we are still testing but so far it works with most common brands)
  • supplied with input leads and full instructions for both types of PSU
  • Stylish case.
  • 3 power settings Power output display.

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Choice of mains power supply units  Professional or Standard.

The professional version has open case ventilation for long or extended periods of operation (note: The Professional  power supply version should only be installed by persons competent in electrical wiring).

The standard unit is virtually Plug and Play and requires very little Knowledge.

DCC power Booster Connection Diagram click here

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Power Supply Type

Standard, Professional