Electech Lighting

A new concept in lighting for your model railway.

Electech development have produced a range of products that make wiring easier, quicker, cost effective and it gives professional results.

The system is modular based with new modules being added all the time.  The system starts with a range of mains to low voltage (12v) power supplies  with power output up to 2 amps (these are only required if the modeller desires as the system can take its power either from the accessory output or the DCC supply.

The next component is the  PSU 1 board this clever PCB based unit regulates the power to the LEDs ensuring the correct current and provides protection to the LED and SMD boards (up to 10 per output). available as a PCB to be mounted by the modeller or in a case with 1, 2, 3 0r 5 outputs for 10, 20, 30 to 50 LED boards.

LED boards  these simple boards are plug together via a daisy chain arrangement with micro connectors as small as 1.5mm  these are available in warm white and cool white but many other types are being added urgently due to demand.

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Electech Building & Scenery Lighting

Chassis PSU Board

The Hart of the System  the PSU (power supply unit) board can be supplied with a range of inputs from 6v -14v DC and The DCC buss or track voltage.  It connects via 2 wires to the supply voltage (not to exceed 18v) Ideal for use with our range of 12v mains power supplies.  (click here to view) 

Power board

The board features micro connectors at either end  one is for up to 3 LEDs (auxiliary)the other is for up to 10 of our lighting boards  we designed it like this so the lighting boards can Daisy chain from board to board. That way the auxiliary end can supply any standard LED or our rage of flickering or strobe LEDs while the other supplies our lighting modules.

The PSU board must not be used to supply more than 10 LEDs from the main output or 3 from the auxiliary.

Input connector (Click here to view)

PSU Board (Click Here to view)


Note picture shows prototype and actual  product may vary slightly


Lighting Module

The House lighting Module or LM1 as we refer to is a single SMD mounted on a PCB with its protective resistor and an input and output micro connector

The modules are available in warm white or Cool white (click here to view)

Up to  a maximum of 10 modules can be connected via a daisy chain method to one  Chassis PSU Board